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Who We Are

John C. Tuncer, Chief Executive Officer, is founder of Tuncer and Tuncer, Inc.  and co-founder of Rapid Web Services, LLC.  John has over 25 years of experience in international business management, finance, website marketing, sales and training.  Tuncer is the architect of RapidVector and has a team of programmers working on the software full time. 

John spent two years in the Turkish army where he worked with the general staff. He was  marketing director for a manufacturing company growing sales from $100K to $2M in five years. Following that he started and built a chain of six jewelry stores before selling and moving to Boston where he started a jewelry import business.

His first experience in the Internet business was in 1995 when he started building websites for the gem industry and pioneered the use of banner exchange on EBay for generating website traffic. Moving into web development, he founded Tuncer and Tuncer (dba JCTWEB) in 1997. He and a carefully selected team developed a fully unique application for an automobile database of rental cars from 600 companies with a real-time inventory updating feature. 

As a result of the positive teamwork experience with these individuals, John started Tuncer Infotech Pty, LTD. Founded in India in October 2001, the company built REagent for real estate agents and then SBPro, one of the first CMS website builders. In 2004, John recognized that the future was in applications built on Microsoft .NET.  Tuncer Infotech added staff members to build RapidVector 1.0, which was introduced by JCTWEB locally in the Tampa Bay area in August 2006.  John now manages a staff of almost 30 technicians at Tuncer Infotech. 

John is a private airplane pilot, senior member of the Civil Air Patrol, member of Infragard, member of the Board of Directors of the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce and Director of Communications, and auction chairman for Abilities Foundation.

James F. Shumate, Chief Operating Officer, co-founder of Rapid Web Services, LLC, he was a key officer in start-up companies, created a successful business consulting firm, and has managed the turn-around and sale of three companies.

He has deep experience in sales, marketing, and operations management. Jim's career started in sales with Allergan Pharmaceuticals where he progressed to product manager. He was a product manager for a division of Revlon Health Care. He then became the chief sales and marketing officer in the start up of the IOL division of Optical Radiation Corporation, taking the division to $34M in sales in four years, managing a national and international sales and marketing team.

Recruited as Vice President to turn around a medical device firm in St. Petersburg Florida, he successfully overhauled the sales force, implemented planning processes, and developed new product lines. In 1995, he accepted the position of Vice President of Essilor Technologies to turn the $6 million company around. He introduced a new product line, overhauled the sales force and marketing, and increased sales 35% in one year. His next venture was as VP of Sales and Marketing for a start up contact lens care company where he built many of the systems including a virtual distribution operation.  After 9/11, he built a  business consulting and coaching practice, helping small companies and start-ups, helping them plan, build personnel systems and developing profitable marketing programs.

Seeing the opportunity for RapidVector, he joined the team in January 2007 to take over daily operations and develop the new RapidVector business model.

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