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 RapidVector Forums Module

The Forum module is an interactive tool that enables users to start discussions and generate content. You can use a forum to create a discussion board, discussion groups, and bulletin boards.  Users can discuss issues internally or can post their questions, and your site administrators or other users, in return, can reply to posted comments and questions.

The Forum module is a great tool if you would like to interact with your users and give them a platform where they can share their thoughts with other users while discussions are archived for future reference. Each Forum is comprised of Sub Forums, and Sub Forums can have multiple threads. Users can start a thread and others can post comments to each thread. This allows you create great content for your website for search engine optimization.


  • Unlimited number of forums
  • Unlimited number of sub forums
  • Easy User Interface
  • Users can upload Attachments
  • User Profiles with photos
  • Users can hide/unhide their profiles
  • Searchable member list


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