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 RapidVector FAQ Module

We developed the FAQ module for those who don’t know javascript and would like to add / edit / delete their FAQ’s.  The easy-to-use interface allows site administrators to add questions first then the answers just like you would do in a word document. The Administrator Control panel allows you to define layout options.

Currently there are three layout options. You can display your questions one at a time: when the question is clicked, the answer is expanded below the question. When the second question is clicked the first one collapses and the second answer expands.

The second layout option displays all questions on top and all answers below the questions as a group. And a "Go to Top" link takes the user to the top where the questions are.

The third option is to display one question, one answer.

A sample FAQ module below displays the first layout option. 


  • Administrator can select different views of the FAQs from three available options.
  • Change the order in which your FAQs appear
  • Enable users to print or search FAQs
  • Add a “top” link for users to go back to the top of the FAQ list

Category Listing

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Why is my laptop display white? Date : 1/5/2008
Why is my laptop battery not holding a charge like it did when new? Date : 1/5/2008
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