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 RapidVector Glossary Module

We have designed this module for businesses to display industry-specific terms on their web site. Every industry has a lingo. Do all internet users know the lingo? No. This is why we have created this module, so you can easily create a Glossary section on your web site.

A sample Glossary is below:


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The amount of data transfered between networks, or the capacity of the connection.


Bit is the smallest information unit that a computer chip can hold. There are 8 bits in a Byte and 1024 bytes in KiloByte (KB)


Blog is an online journal or a diary. They are very popular nowadays because of the search engine optimization. You can write about your products and services daily, since they are being updated daily, search engine spiders visit your site often and index the new changes.


Term for high-speed internet connection. Cable, DSL and T1 connections are Broadband connections.

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Computer software that allows you to surf the internet. Such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Safari etc. 


Total of 8 bits representing a character in the computer language. In other words each letter, symbol or panctuation is a byte.
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