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Glossary of Web Terms


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Iframe is short for Inline Frame.  It is a way to insert an HTML document within another HTML page.  This feature allows you to view a website or webpage within a website. 


The term impression is used in the online world to describe when your banner ad or search engine sponsor ad is viewed in a website or search engine.  Impression data is useful to help advertisers understand how many "eyeballs" see the ad for a branding effect.  This data is often related to the number of clicks on the ad to determine a "click through rate" and the immediate effect of the ad on viewers. 

Internet Bot

Other names for Internet Bots are Web Bots, WWW Robots, or plainly Bots.  Internet bots are run automatically by software applications that scan the Internet.  These bots are created to grab specific information off of sites in an automated manner to save time. Some servers will have a file, robots.txt, with rules to obey while spidering the server.


A private network that only company computers can access.

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ISP is an acronym for Internet Service Provider.

A company to provide access to the Internet.

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