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SEO Search Engine Optimization


If you have ever used a search engine to find something online, you're familiar with the endless list of results that are generated. If you're like most people, you will click on the top site first, move on to the second, etc. 

However, it is unlikely that you will go through page after page of listings.  What you may not know is that there is a method to being listed amount the first sites.  Major search engines use proprietary algorithms to determine a listing rank based on key words used by website visitors.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website to get a higher position on search engines.  A well optimized site can draw 1000’s of visitors per day from search engines and directories, which can have an obvious impact in the volume of sales of your products or services.

In fact, 90% of all internet traffic is generated this way, significantly impacting your business' online success and sales. Submitting your business website without optimizing it just doesn't make sense.

If the internet is a market for your product, it is crucial that your site be found and placed well in the major search engines. Our expert SEO service will get your website in, and just as importantly, ‘keep’ your site in top ranking positions on all major search engines in use today.

There is no secret to SEO, but rather, it is just knowing what to do and doing it right. It is a long process and there are no shortcuts.  But the rules change regularly, and keeping up with these changes and keeping your website up to date is key.

Implementing proper search engine optimization into the design of your website and a well designed ‘Link Building’ marketing campaign are the only means to get higher search engine positions (Search Engine Positioning) in Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, and others.

We analyze and find out the most suitable keyword phrases for your website, optimize website content and actively improve link popularity of your website. Ultimately, our search engine optimization service (SEO service) helps your website to get the best positions in these popular Search Engines.

What we can do?

Website Review

The first step in the process of SEO involves the identification of spider stoppers in a website. These may include broken links, non-optimized titles, missing tags, non-optimized link structure among other factors.

Keyword Research

Our experts find the right keywords and phrases that people are using to find your product/service/topic(s).

Competition Analysis

Websites of competitors, which have undergone search engine optimization sometimes, offer valuable clues regarding the right keywords to target. Also studying the competition helps us identify and finalize the SEO plan for your website.

Add meta tags

We encode these keywords into your site’s pages in the correct frequency and in the places where search engines want to find them.

Page Optimization

Using specialized software, the pages are checked to ensure that they meet the algorithms currently being used by the top search engines.

Link Building

Search engines place significant importance on the number of sites which link to yours. Pages of reciprocal links will boost your site’s ranking. A good link exchange campaign is the key to achieving good rankings for competitive keywords. Our Link Building step of SEO involves:

  1. Identifying potential link partners - These are websites which complement your website in content and have a good search engine presence
  2. Securing The Link Exchange - This involves contacting the webmasters or site owners and getting our link reciprocated

Search Engine & Directories Submissions

Submissions to search engines and directories is a process often referred to as search engine submissions. Our search engine optimization campaign involves systematic submissions done manually to the top search engines and directories.

Analysis and Tweaking

Search engine optimization is a long-term solution to your traffic woes. Our comprehensive search engine optimization packages involve continuous fine tuning of the website based on traffic trends and ranking trends. Search engines often change their algorithms... We tweak your website to keep up with the changes, thus enabling you to stay on top.

SEO Campaign Tracking

Our in-house web analytics application helps track not only traffic but also the client conversion ratio (CCR) and ROI on your search engine optimization and other web marketing initiatives. We send periodic reports highlighting ranking trends for each key phrase in the search engine optimization campaign.

Comprehensive Reporting

We believe in keeping our clients informed. Our comprehensive reporting process helps you to know about the exact schedule and steps that we follow for the search engine optimization of your website. We offer periodic comprehensive ranking, link exchange and schedule reports in addition to having a dedicated account manager just a phone call away.

  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Increased your market share
  • Measured success on your investment
  • Better conversion resulting in more sales
  • Ongoing and up-to-date optimization as the rules change
Contact Us now for a review of your website and Search Engine Optimization needs!
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