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Packages of Modules

RapidVector websites are based on packages of modules. Modules are like mini-programs, each one performing a different function.

For instance, the RapidBusiness package for upgradeable business websites has all of these modules included. In fact, all RapidVector website business packages start with this group of modules. See the next page for optional modules and packages.

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Banner Manager
BMI Calculator
Charge Application
Email a Friend
Event Manager

Form Builder
Google Map
Google Search
Google Translator
HTML Editor
Make a Payment
Mapquest Maps

Mortgage Calculators
News and RSS
Photo Album
Real Estate
Stock Ticker


Available Modules

  The Announcements module was created to share company news as well as events with users and members. In some cases, sites also display news related to their business or industry.

  Although you can use the HTML module to post articles, RapidVector’s Article module is available with start-end date facility, archive options and many more features to give the end user a richer experience when accessing posted articles.

  RapidVector’s Calendar module is an event management module. The administrator can use this module to communicate events to site users.

  RapidVector developed an FAQ module for those who don’t know javascript and would like to add / edit / delete their FAQ’s.

  Display glossary items in alphabetical order, with two different available layouts. You just need to enter the term/word and its description. The RapidVector Glossary module will automatically generate the layout and design for you, enabling users to look up terms quickly and easily.

  With the Photo Album module, you can upload images into photo albums and then create a photo album slideshow on your web site.
Photo Album

  For the businesses who sell products and or services, they can display client feedback to attract other clients.

  The Charge application allows users to register for a charge.com merchant account for ecommerce sites or any merchant account need.
Charge Application

  Post a daily joke on your web site for fun and entertainment!
Daily Comics

  The idea behind RapidVector is to create a CMS for those who do not have any knowledge of HTML or any other programming language. Form submission is necessary for small, medium and big sites. Thus RapidVector developed a Form Builder where the user can
Form Builder

  The Google Search module will enable you to search within your site with Google results. The results will be displayed in the page where you put this Google Search module.
Google Search

  The HTML module is a basic HTML Editor with all the functions available to create HTML content. You have three window options available to select from: (1) Normal View (2) HTML view (3) Preview. RapidVector also allows the administrator to add any mod
HTML Module

  Enter your address to display an interactive map for customers to find your office. All you need is an API key from Google. Follow the instructions on how to obtain the key and the set the desired size of the map to display on your web site.
Google Map

  Iframe loads another site’s content into your site. You can display information from other websites framed in your site.

  The RapidVector language module has the ability to show your site in different languages through Google Translator. You can select the languages you would like to put in your site. The link will lead users to the Google language translator.

  Link Management enables users to add external links or reference links of other sites. For each link displayed, your site will display the link title, site description and URL.

  The MapQuest module puts a link on your site that directs users to a Mapquest map of your office location, where they then can get detailed directions to your business.
MapQuest maps

  The News & RSS module allows you to display news and RSS feeds from other sites in your own site.
News & RSS

  Add this module to any page to get the user sign in window available.

  A sitemap is necessary for each site; it gives users the easiest way to find any page and it helps with search engine rankings. The administrator can create a sitemap through the HTML Module but it will not update automatically as pages are added or dele

  The Stock Ticker module displays updated stocks and allows users to adjust which stocks to track.
Stock Ticker

  The Weather module will enable you to put the weather report of any city on your web site, so your clients can know what weather to expect when they visit your place of business.
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