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 RapidVector Banner Manager

How would you like it if I said, "you can make money on your website"? Yes, you heard it correctly. With the RapidVector Banner Manager you can make money by selling banner ads. Easy to set up and use, the Banner Manager takes only minutes to create a network of advertising banners. Simply select "Zones" or spaces to rotate banners, then upload the information, such as the destination link, banner and expire date for the ad. Easily rotate banners in your site by selling the same spot to more than one company. Then view each banner's report to view the clickthrough rates.


  • Set up in minutes
  • No size limits on banners
  • Rotate ads
  • Multiple zones
  • Automatic expiration
  • Impression/Clickthrough reports

 Setting up your Banners are easy.

Configuring your Banner Manager is a breeze. First you add a Group (Zone), then add a Campaign or a Banner into your system and associate it with a Group (Zone). It's that easy to set up your first banner. Simply load your banners into the system with as many as you need. You are ready to go...

 You can set up your own sizes for your banners

Unlike other Banner Managers, the RapidVector Banner Manager does not limit you with its own sizes. You define the size of the banner yourself, or use any size of banner you choose.

 You can rotate several banners in the same spot

You can display several Banners in the same spot; they simply rotate at the given rate in the administration section. For example, you can have four different banners in the same spot and assign each of them to be displayed from one to five times. Banner one is displayed one time, Banner two is three times, while banner three and four are two times. Basically, you have control.

 Multiple Locations in the same page

You can assign as many locations in a page as you wish; there is no limit. You can assign even the same group in the same page. The banners will be displayed in the order that you assigned them.

 Auto Expiration

You can set an expiration date for your banners, and they automatically stop being displayed on that date. With the expiration feature you do not have to remember to turn a banner off at the end of the contract period. Let's say your customer wanted to purchase a banner ad in your site for three months. You set the expiration date out three months, and then you are done. At the end of three months the banner will no longer be displayed, unless you change the expiration date.

 Impression and Clickthrough Reports

All activity is logged into your website: how many times the banner had been displayed (Impression) and how many visitors clicked on it (Clickthrough). You can send these reports to your customers or use it for your own business. This helps you to calculate ROI (Return on Investment)

 Sample Banners

There are three banners in the zone (Group) below. They will be displayed each time the page is "REFRESHED". In other words, each time somebody comes to this page, they will see a different banner. I have set the first banner weightings to 1, second banner to 2 and third banner to 1 to show you how it works. Click on your browser's refresh button and then scroll down to see the banner. You will see that the first banner will be displayed once, second banner twice and third banner once, and the first banner again and will go on and on...


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