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 RapidVector Document Management Module

This module is very handy if you'd like to share documents with your site visitors. You can upload as many documents as you wish and make them available for internet users, or restricted users. Yes, you can secure some or all of the documents and give certain groups permission to see and download them. Let's say you have salesmen on the road. They are visiting a client and need a price list. If you have uploaded your price list into this section, your salesmen could access this page and download it directly from the site.

With RapidVector you can secure the entire page. Only users you give permissions to can access these pages. But in the Document management module we also added an additional security feature. You can set permission levels to any document individually. You could have 20 documents in this page and 10 of them have no permission restrictions while the remaining 10 of them are assigned to salesmen only. In this scenerio internet users will see only 10 documents when they come to this page, as will the salesman until they login with their user name and password. At this time they will see all 20 of the documents.


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