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RapidVector Ecommerce Module

Would you like to have a business which is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even when you are sleeping? I am pretty sure the answer is yes. It's not a dream. You can have an online store using RapidVector's powerful Ecommerce module within minutes. Simply purchase the module if it did not come with your package and start building your store by putting your inventory into RapidVector's database, uploading your images, setting up your payment, shipping, and product options. You can even associate products with each other for cross selling.

RapidVector is so powerful that it will take care of the rest for you.


Product Options:

You can set up product option such as "Size", "Color" etc. and assign the options different prices. For example: You are selling Coffee Mugs in three different colors (they are all the same price), and you have three different sizes, "Small", "Medium" and "Large". Small is $5.00, Medium is $1.00 more and Large is $2.00 more. When selecting "Add to Cart", the user must select a size before the product adds to the shopping cart. The Ecommerce system automatically calculates the correct price based on the size selected.


Product Attributes:

You can set up Attributes for your products. Let's say you are selling Cell Phones and want to mention the Dimensions, Size, Weight, Battery etc. and made these available in the product description page as separate fields. This will help you to properly describe your products and assign separate fields for critical information. This information then can be searchable options throughout the site.


Manage your Inventory:

We know how busy you are. We thought that managing your inventory should be automatic. The RapidVector Ecommerce module tracks your inventory and displays a "Temporarily Out of Stock" message next to that item when you've sold all in your online stock. You can easily adjust these numbers in the management console. At the end of the fiscal period you can login to your system and adjust all your products' actual numbers that you have counted on the shelf. This will ease your workload and help increase your productivity. Customers will not order items out of stock and will have the opportunity to buy something else instead of having to wait for the back orders. Your cash flow will increase as well.


Cross sell your products:

Just like the big boys, display the matching or complementing products to increase your sales. This feature allows you to display more products and sell more to your potential visitors. Let's say you are selling Cell Phones again: If some one is viewing the Samsung BlackJack, you can display accessories for this product at the bottom of the page such as the carrying case, desktop cradle, car charger etc. Remember, most purchases are emotional. When you see something, even though you did not think of getting it before, you buy it.


Quantity Discount Levels:

Quantity discount levels will allow you to sell more products by giving customers better prices when they buy more, just like Costco or other big retailers. Buy more; Save More. For example: You are selling Coffee mugs at $5 each. You can set up a pricing scheme such as:
1 to 3 = $4.75
4 to 6 = $4.50
7 to 9 = $4.25
10 + = $3.99
You can set this up for each product you have and start to watch the money roll in.


Product Slide Show:

Upload as many images as you wish; there is no limit on the number of images you can upload. If there is more than one image available for a product, the "Slide Show" icon automatically appears for each product. When clicked, it will display all of your product images in a slide show manner. You do not need to know any programming to achieve this; it's all automatic.


Sell Digital Products:

You can sell digital products online such as eBooks, software programs, photography, etc. Simply upload these files into your product catalog. After checkout, the user receives a link in the confirmation email and can download the product/file from your server. It's that simple: no code, no programming.


Sales Tax setup:

You can set up certain states to collect tax. Let's say you live in Florida and sell products globally. You are only required to collect sales tax from buyers who are in the state where you are conducting business, not on all of the sales. This actually gives you the opportunity to sell your products and services to people who live in other states without collecting tax. You are not liable to collect sales tax in these states (some exceptions apply). When you select the states from where you will collect tax, the ecommerce system automatically calculates the sales tax for people who live in these states for you.


Shipping Options:

The RapidVector Ecommerce module is so smart that you can set up as many shipping options as you wish. You can base the shipping calculations on weight, number of products or dollar value. You can also integrate your shipping directly with UPS real time calculations after setting up your ecommerce module to work with your account in UPS.


Sell Wholesale and Retail on the same site:

The RapidVector Ecommerce module allows you to sell to different types of clients on the same website. You simply insert this Wholesale module on any page within your website. Users fill out an application with their tax exempt certificate, and then you receive an email with their request. Once you have approved them, they will have access to your wholesale prices after they login to your site. Your product catalog is designed to have both retail and wholesale prices at the time of the product entry.


Unlimited Categories:

Unlike other Ecommerce packages, the RapidVector® Ecommerce module does not limit you to a number of categories. Enter as many categories as you wish, and associate them with as many categories. There is no limit.


Layout Options:

We have professionally designed three different layout options for you. Select one and your site is ready. You can change this later or as often as you wish.


Response Email Templates:

We have designed all the email templates for you, but also have given you the option to customize them yourself. For example: At the time of checkout, your customers receive an email with their order confirmation. This email will list the items they have ordered and a brief description of what to expect next. You can edit these templates to your needs. Again, all fields are dynamic, so you can use the mailmerge functions to build the templates.

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