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 RapidVector Event Manager Module

Are you ready for your next event?

You can use RapidVector's "Event Manager" (RSVP) module to create a registration process for your events. R.S.V.P. comes from the French expression "répondez s'il vous plaît" and the meaning is "please respond". The RSVP module makes it possible for the administrator to create / edit / manage events.  Additionally, users can register for events and pay online, so the site administrator can get a head count or collect payment in advance.


 Add/Edit/Manage Event:

Start with adding an event to your website. Announce your next office party or web design seminar. Invite people and let them register themselves while you are sleeping and count them just the day before the event.

 Assign Sponsors:

Have someone sponsor your event. Display their logo and business description in your event description section to help pay for some of your expenses. Just enter a sponsor once into your Event Manager Module, then you can associate them with any event you may have in the future.

 Manage Locations:

Enter locations to your Even Manager Module to use all the time. You have to enter a location only once, not every time you have an event. Locations will be displayed in the event description section. We also made it easy for you by associating the location with Google Maps. You do not need to know any programming or coding. The address you enter will be used in the background with our code and users will be able to see the exact location in a Google Map without leaving your website.

 Manage your Contacts and Groups:

Create groups to manage your contacts. For example: Create a group for Friends, Staff, Board Members etc. Then associate each user with these groups. When sending invitations this will make your job easier. Only send the invitations to the group you would like to invite without the need of selecting them one at a time. This will save you a lot of time in your busy schedule.

 Questions and Answers:

Just like using a frequently asked questions section, you can avoid the task of answering the same questions over and over again with this feature within the module. Simply display the questions users are asking in the event description page for others to read. A user posts the question in the site, then you answer them and the Question and Answer is displayed in the site for others to view. This will save you much time too.

 View Event, Payment, Attendee Reports:

View Event reports to organize the event, see how many people are coming, how many of them are guests, how many paid, their form of payment (Visa/MC etc.), and when they registered.

  Collect Payments:

Use your Event Manager's payment collection system. Stop wasting your time to collect payment at the event. Let users pay at the time of registration on your website. You have more important things to do; the RapidVector Event Manager can collect the money for the event for you using your merchant account and then deposit the money in your Bank account.

 Setup Recurring Events:

Are you doing the same event over and over again in a year? If so create an event once and check the recurring event box, voila! You can select from the list how often: weekly, monthly, bi-weekly. The system automatically creates the events so you can save time.

  Auto-generated Event Brochures:

Do nothing!. The RapidVector Event Manager Module automatically creates a brochure for your event from the Event Description you have entered. Your pictures and text will be converted into a PDF brochure for you. Another great time saving tool...


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